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What To Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom
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What To Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

When you’re thinking about hiring a contracting company to help you with a home remodel or addition, you want to find a contractor who will offer you fair prices, quality workmanship, and answer any questions you may have so you get the best service possible. At CT Construction, we offer all of this and more to ensure each and every one of our customers receives the services you deserve. However, making a remodel of any kind to your home is no easy choice. You need to consider several factors, such as your budget, what part(s) of the house you’re considering remodeling, the size of your house, the company you hire, and more. Here, our contractors will discuss what you need to consider before remodeling any part of your house, but especially the bathroom.

How You Want The Space To Function

Is your bathroom too small or outdated? Are your appliances broken or not working to their full potential? If so, it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel. When you think it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel, you need to sit down with your significant other, roommate, or family and decide how you want the space to function. Do you have a large family and just a single, full bathroom? Is it just a bathroom in your personal bedroom? Regardless of what you’re looking for in the functionality of the space, you need to put together some concrete ideas, so you can decide what you can afford and the type of contractor you’ll need.

The Layout of Your House and Bathroom and The Space Available

A major component of what you’ll be able to do with your bathroom design when it comes to layout, appliances, and the space you’ll have to operate, is the underlying plumbing and how it could be adjusted if you need to do so. You can come up with rough bathroom designs and a tentative list of appliances and brands you want to install on your own, but you’ll need the help of a licensed and certified design or contractor team to help you determine what can and can’t be done. When these teams come to your home, they can determine how the plumbing is laid out in your home and make a decision on if you can feasibly rearrange where your toilet, shower, and tub are, or if you can add an extra sink or other appliance to the room.


Only a licensed expert should do this, as it can have dire consequences if an untrained person were to try and alter the plumbing. Additionally, you should have a professional come in to assess the square footage of the space you’re remodeling. From there, you will have a better idea of what new amenities, like vanities, cabinets, and mirrors you can fit into your space. Additionally, an expert contractor, like ours at CT Construction, can determine if the space can be expanded, how much it can be expanded, and how that will impact the rest of your home. To learn more about why you need to consider all of these design aspects before your bathroom remodel, contact CT Construction today.

Your Budget

Your budget is the factor that decides many of your design and hiring choices when it comes to any remodel. Before you begin any sort of planning or bidding to contractors, you first need to determine how much you could feasibly spend on a bathroom remodel or home project of any kind. Your budget will regulate what new amenities and products you can look into, as well as the contractor you can afford, and how extensive your project can be.

The Company You Hire

Possibly the most important decision that factors into how your bathroom remodel turns out is the bathroom remodeling contractors you hire to complete the job. The team you hire will be able to anticipate your every need and will factor in all of the above statements to ensure your bathroom has the functionality you need combined with the look you crave. There are several factors that go into choosing a bathroom contractor for your home project. Above all else, your contractor should listen to your desires and take your needs as a homeowner into account above all else.


In the Twin Cities area, you know there is no shortage of contractors, all of whom claim to provide the best services and work with you to get you your dream. However, that isn’t always the case. You should meet with more than one contractor when you’re exploring bids and get a good feel for how they conduct business. At CT Construction, we take pride in working hand in hand with each of our customers to get you the best possible bathroom remodel at a price that fits your budget.

Contact CT Construction Today

If you are in the Twin Cities metro area and looking for an experienced contracting team to help you with your bathroom remodel, contact CT Construction today. Our group of contractors is certified and licensed to do virtually any home remodel or new addition. To learn more about our services or to request a free estimate, give us a call at 612-327-7843 or message us on our contact page today.

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