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All the space you and your family need. A custom kitchen that offers both a sonny nook for intimate meals and the space to entertain guests. A garage stall for your boat. A great view of the lake. Whatever your dreams are, we will help you make them a reality.

A new home is likely to be your greatest investment, most challenging effort, and most fulfilling achievement. It is an opportunity to start from scratch - to get things accomplished exactly as you see fit. All of the things you’ve dreamed about having, the style and decor that strikes your fancy and the comfort you have aspired to enjoy are now all possible. A home is much more than a sum of its parts - more than a room count of four bedrooms and two baths. It defines your relationship to the world around you. It represents what is important to you and your family, and sets the stage for your journey through life. Your home is the base for this journey.

Custom Home Planning

Setting your goals is the first step, followed by planning the actions that must be taken to achieve them. Determining budgets and assembling a team of architects and builders puts things in motion. Remember that many plans will be made, and many plans will be changed. Selecting finishes and materials, arriving at a consensus on where the chandelier looks best and choosing the windows that will allow light to fall across a room in just the right way - these are just a fraction of the untold processes that will require your attention. Ultimately, this home will give shape to your life and become uniquely yours.

Bloomington's CT Construction  is an essential resource in the endeavor of planning and production. We have extensive experience in this trade, use only the finest materials and never cut corners (unless we’re talking about angled support beams). We make the new home construction process as seamless and stress-free as possible by always listening to our clients and adhering to our quality standards from the beginning to the completion of every project.

Trust CT Construction with your custom home building needs. Our team takes great pride in producing one-of-a-kind homes that fit your needs, taste, and budget exactly.

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Our Priciples

  • Satisfy the customer
  • Deliever high quality service and products
  • Conduct business with integrity
  • Work hard
  • Pay close attention to details

Custom Builds

  • We listen to our clients
  • Seamless integration with the existing house
  • We stand behind a strict code of best practices and never cut corners
  • We use only the best materials and products for your project


  • Seamless transition from old to new
  • Close detail to existing structure
  • Updating older homes for contemporary living
  • Expanding space for growing families
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