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Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most important spaces in our homes. And they should be two of the most comfortable spaces in our homes, too. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Older homes might have kitchens and bathroom that are outdated and not configured for modern uses. If you live in a newer home, your life circumstances may have changed since you bought the home. Whatever the reason, if your kitchen and bathrooms are inefficient vestiges of the past, you aren’t using your home to its full potential.

We Love Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are essential spaces in our homes, and ones that we spend a lot of time in. A lack of these amenities would render modern living virtually impossible. Refrigerators store our perishable foods, stoves enable us to cook, sinks and dishwashers maintain sanitary food preparation and consumption, and furniture provides a place to gather with friends and family. Our bathrooms facilitate personal hygiene and other pertinent activities without which we would literally find ourselves in a pre-industrial environment.

As these vital accommodations are integrated into our homes, there is more to consider than just their utility value. After all, the days of outhouse latrines are (thankfully) long past. Our kitchens and baths are a reflection of what we value aesthetically, and compliment the rest of our habitat in form and function. When you choose CT Construction for a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or when we build either of these from the ground up in your new construction, you are assured that they will become an extension of your lifestyle and an embodiment of the character your home projects. With the finest materials and our expertise at your disposal, every job is executed with the greatest attention to detail and a personal interest in your satisfaction. Plus, we embrace uniqueness. This is what differentiates us in an otherwise faceless tapioca of construction-related commonality.

It’s a fun process. You get to choose the layout, colors, and appliances that your made-over rooms will have. You get to make plans, dream. Then you get to leave the hard work to us.

Add Comfort and Value to Your Home

You use these rooms every day of your life. Of course, a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom makes your daily life more comfortable and convenient. More than that, however, these remodeling jobs can add value to your home, too. Some projects bring a substantial increase in the home's selling price. That is, if you ever want to sell; you might not want to with your dream kitchen and bathroom!

Call CT Construction today and learn which home remodeling projects will add the most value to your home.


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Why Choose Us?

Our Priciples

  • Satisfy the customer
  • Deliever high quality service and products
  • Conduct business with integrity
  • Work hard
  • Pay close attention to details

Custom Builds

  • We listen to our clients
  • Seamless integration with the existing house
  • We stand behind a strict code of best practices and never cut corners
  • We use only the best materials and products for your project


  • Seamless transition from old to new
  • Close detail to existing structure
  • Updating older homes for contemporary living
  • Expanding space for growing families
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