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Maybe it’s the old floral wallpaper. Or the turquoise tile in the bathroom. Or the shag carpet in the basement. When your home starts to look dated, it’s time for a fresh start. It’s time for a remodel.

The need to remodel can be driven by a number of factors. You may want to update an older home for contemporary living, or expand available space for a growing family. With any remodel, there must be continuity between the old and the new. If the transition is not seamless, one of the areas will stand in stark contrast to the other. Updating a kitchen, for example, without utilizing the underlying detail of the existing structure as a common denominator may create aesthetic discord with adjoining areas. Of course, if a complete remodel is afoot, this consideration becomes irrelevant.

The transformation that a home remodel project is nothing short of amazing. It’s like getting a brand-new home without sacrificing the history and warmth that you have built up over the years, and without the inconvenience of packing up all your belongings and trying your luck in a new neighborhood. Instead, you get to stay in the home and neighborhood that originally led you to move there, while still reaping the benefits of a completely retooled home.

Home Remodeling Services

Our home remodeling services are varied, running the gamut from helping you craft the perfect design, color scheme, and finishes to compliment your lifestyle and budget to providing the elbow grease and craftsmanship to ensure that your remodeling project is energy efficient, beautiful, and long lasting. We want your home to be perfect.

At CT Construction, remodeling your home has become a finely-tuned art. In addition to implementing changes to the designated space, we take great care in maintaining harmony between the many elements that constitute your domain as a whole.

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Our Priciples

  • Satisfy the customer
  • Deliever high quality service and products
  • Conduct business with integrity
  • Work hard
  • Pay close attention to details

Custom Builds

  • We listen to our clients
  • Seamless integration with the existing house
  • We stand behind a strict code of best practices and never cut corners
  • We use only the best materials and products for your project


  • Seamless transition from old to new
  • Close detail to existing structure
  • Updating older homes for contemporary living
  • Expanding space for growing families
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