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Full Interior Remodeling

Full Interior Home Remodeling

Complete interior renovation is a big undertaking, but it presents an opportunity to start with a clean canvas on which you can redesign your living space. With CT Construction choreographing an otherwise highly complex process, the entire endeavor is streamlined to a more manageable scope. Logistical detail can be the proverbial ‘boat anchor’ of any project, keeping progress mired securely in the abyss of delay. But this is what we do, and we do it well! With proper planning and efficient execution, even the most ambitious projects coalesce to fruition quickly.

With as many elements as are involved with a full interior remodel, having a clearly defined road map is essential. Walls, floors, cabinetry, trim, doors, windows, fixtures and many others not mentioned - managing an efficient flow of creativity is not a task for the inexperienced. Aside from having to make many determinations and choices that will become part of the place you call 'home', ensuring that they all come together properly and in a timely fashion can get complicated. But for the expert teams at CT Construction, this process is as intrinsic in what we do as driving a vehicle is for someone who drives every day.

Basement Remodels 

One of the most popular spaces for remodeling is the basement. Many homes have unfinished basements. Others have old, dated, musty, dark spaces that are more apt for storing camping gear than gathering around the fireplace. 

Let's work together to change that. We have remodeled thousands of basements in the Twin Cities, and the transformation is always dramatic. Maybe you'd like a full home theater, a bar, or a playroom. Perhaps you'd like more bedrooms, or a simple updating of the style. In all these cases, and in just about anything you can imagine, we can help. 

When a full interior remodel is on your radar, we invite you to consult with us and explore the nearly limitless options at your disposal. One of the greatest rewards in the work that we do is seeing our clients walk into their newly refinished home, and take in the fruits of the labor that has transformed it into whatever their dream may have been.

Why Choose Us?

Our Priciples

  • Satisfy the customer
  • Deliever high quality service and products
  • Conduct business with integrity
  • Work hard
  • Pay close attention to details

Custom Builds

  • We listen to our clients
  • Seamless integration with the existing house
  • We stand behind a strict code of best practices and never cut corners
  • We use only the best materials and products for your project


  • Seamless transition from old to new
  • Close detail to existing structure
  • Updating older homes for contemporary living
  • Expanding space for growing families
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