When you moved into your home, you probably thought it was perfect for you, and it was -- at least for that stage in your life. Perhaps you are like many homeowners and you have come to realize that you simply need additional rooms in your house. While many people immediately think of more room in terms of additional bedrooms, this one-size-fits-all solution isn't going to work for everyone's case. Instead of selling your home and upgrading to more bedrooms, consider the alternatives below. 

Add a Play Room

With small children in your home, you'll like feel almost overrun by the sheer number of toys they have. Whether it's a giant dollhouse -- and the accompanying dolls, clothes, furniture and other accessories -- or the buckets of Legos and the creations that spring from them, having a play room serves two purposes. First, it helps to contain the inevitable mess that children's toys can make all over the house. Second, it allows children to pause their play without having to abandon it altogether. 

Add a Bedroom

If you like other aspects of your home -- the floor plan, its location, the yard -- but could use another bedroom, consider adding on instead of selling. Your contractor will work closely with you to determine the best placement and square footage to meet your needs as well as satisfy the building codes. 

Add an entertainment room

Do you find that your kids need more room to spread out and enjoy their interests as they get older? Are your teens constantly trying to take over the TV and watch movies with their friends? Adding an entertainment room gives them a separate, dedicated space in which to pursue those activities. Designed in the right way, this room can also double as a family entertainment room where your whole family can pop some corn and sit back to enjoy a movie together. 

Add a screened porch

For families who like take the enjoyment of their home to the outdoors, a screened porch allows them to do so -- even when the weather is less than cooperative outside. Fill your screened porch with a weather friendly table and chairs for a fun place to have a meal or opt for comfortable patio furniture that lets you unwind, relax and chat with family and friends. 

The real secret to enjoying your home even more is to find the right contractor. Contact CT Construction for more information about additions.