The world of home remodeling is big, but every change-up needn’t break your bank. A lot of energy efficient home additions are out there, and each offers a wealth of benefits to homeowners seeking a new style. If you haven’t yet, check out the five biggest, boldest energy saving options below. Each offers something unique, and each guarantees extra money in your pocket when the utility bill comes around.

One: Install Natural Lighting

Today, about 14 percent of an energy bill’s bulk is derived from artificial lighting. Sound like a bank breaker? You’d be correct. Ditch yet another light installation. Instead, create an artificial light space. Aim for Energy Star labeled sun tunnels, skylights and light shelves. By installing dimmer switches, motion-sensing lights and energy efficient drapes, you can maximize your project’s worth.

Two: Use Light Colored Paint and Fabric

While small additions, light colored paint and fabric can guarantee natural light reflection. In general, lighter colors bounce sunlight. Even if you’re using artificial light to generate your home’s glow, lighter colors will reduce the need for less energy overall. Plus, light colors are definitely in style right now.

Three: Seal Up the Ducts

Even if you can’t see them, your home’s air ducts may be wasting energy. In fact, The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that about a fifth of a household’s air escapes through duct leaks. To make your home airtight, apply duct sealant to your home’s exposed ducts. A little duct repair goes a long way. Just make sure you’re hitting all of the areas, as it only takes one leak to reduce your home’s cooling capacity.

Four: Install a Programmable Thermostat

A technological household addition is a smart household addition. By installing a programmable thermostat, you can boost your home’s digital appeal. Today’s smart homes are popular for a reason: They’re incredibly energy efficient. By installing a mobile-controlled, programmable thermostat, you can save about 10 percent on your home’s heating bills.

Five: Install Energy Efficient Windows

If you’re dead set on a window remodeling project, settle on energy efficient windows. When replacing old, leaky installations, select aluminum-framed models. These energy efficient windows are recommended by industry experts for their insulating properties. Wood, too, can insulate your home.

A lot of home additions offer energy efficient solutions over time. Understandably, your household deserves the finest solutions available. By selecting energy efficient remodeling projects, you can ensure your home’s long-term energy viability while creating a healthy, dynamic environment for guests.