Bathroom Remodels

bring life to a room that is often overlooked in a home.


If your bathroom is just a place to do some quick business it may be time to consider some upgrades or a total renovation of the space.


In today’s hectic world we need to take advantage of anytime we get to relax. I know sitting in the John isn’t the ideal dream paradise but there are some advantages of closing the door behind you and taking a minute to exhale.


Bathrooms have come a long way from your grandparent’s outhouse; today we have a lot of options from stylish multi nozzled showers to heated floors and tubs. Utilizing this space as more than just a dump and run space can make your home more complete.


Here is a look at some advantages of an updated bathroom.


Homebuyers look for updated bathrooms

Considering that the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most common rooms to remodel homebuyers will look at these rooms first. Homebuyers will check, water pressure, check around the tubs and toilets and they are going to check for natural lighting and space within the room.


Updated Bathrooms will increase the value of your home

Typically a bathroom remodel will return 55-65 percent return on the remodel investment. That’s pretty good an according to statistics from home improvement research much better than overall paint carpet etc.


Some things to add to your bathroom remodel wish list may include heated floors, storage, windows if possible to increase natural lighting.

Today’s flooring options come with some advance options. Imagine stepping into your shower and already having a warm floor or making a late night run to the toilet and not having that cold floor feel. It is easy to have heated floor options installed in the remodel process. It doesn’t add a lot of cost but it does add a lot of comfort.


Storage is another key concern for homebuyers.

There is nothing worse than trying to grab a towel after a quick shower and having a stack of towels to sift thru. Adding a well-placed storage area or linen closet in or near the bathroom can save a lot of headaches for any sized family.


Windows and natural lighting

If it is at all possible talk to your remodel contractor about adding natural light to your renovated bathroom space.  Adding a window will allow in natural light that will make the space feel warmer and brighter.


If you are considering a complete bathroom overhaul and you need the help of a professional, in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul area contact CT Construction CT Construction has a reputation for being an affordable reliable resource for home remodeling projects or completely newly built custom homes.


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