If you are considering remodeling project on your home there are plenty of great places to find inspirational ideas.


The first step in a home remodel project is admitting you have a problem. If your home is outdated it may be time for an update. If your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space then you have a problem. If your basement still has the concrete floor and wooden studs than you may have a problem. All of these areas can be addressed with some remodeling tips, not only from your contractor but from many other sources available to you at no cost as well.


Considering the amount of free information that is out there it is easy to get overwhelmed. Think in terms of style and design and narrow down your options. Try to stay focused, the more you clutter the waters the longer the decision making and eventually your home remodeling project will take.


There are many sources to gather information from online. There are also many design centers from the Big Box Stores to local design centers, your options are many. Let’s start with online resources.



Pintrest is a very large social media idea sharing site. If you need just about any type of design idea it’s almost certain Pintrest has a user posting on that topic. Monogrammed pillows yep they are on Pintrest. Flooring or wall covering ideas yes found them as well on Pintrest. Innovative ways to gain storage space In a small kitchen yup they have thousands of those as well. Again the objective here is to stay focused as it is easy to become distracted. Print out pictures and build a file, when you are discussing ideas with a contractor these will help immensely.


Online Home Renovation Blogs

There are a large number of contractors, designers and home decorating specialists that like to put their ideas out there on the web. In days gone by you had to put all the little ones in a car and drive over to a store like Hirschfield’s here in Mpls. Saint Paul. They had it all from paints to drapes and shades. Their designer could help you make some decisions but they never did have the images to take with you. Beyond a few samples you had to imagine these ideas and communicate them to your contractor. Bloggers make it easy with lots of creative ideas and images to support them. Having these resources helps you take the home remodeling dream to the next level.



When you decide to make the leap and embark on the home improvement odyssey speaking with a couple contractors to get the most out of your designers ideas and history.


In the end there are many resources for obtaining ideas to complete your home remodeling projects.


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