Over the course of their life, most homes go through several phases of renovations and additions. It might be you found a great deal on a home knowing it needed some care and work to become your dream home. Otherwise you may have a bundle of joy on the way, or as children reach their teenage years you realize they need their own space, or elderly parents may need to move in. Whatever your reasons, adding useable space to the house is going to help your immediate needs while adding value to the home should you decide to sell at some point.

Finishing Unused Space

Nearly every house has space only appropriate for storage which can be converted to an extra bedroom or living area. An attic or storage room can often be finished to provide extra space, or a garage can be enclosed to become an actual room instead of a place to park cars and keep tools and sports gear. An experienced contractor can help determine what your options are and what has worked well for other families in a similar situation.

Planning a Basement

Whether you want to build an apartment in your basement or enclose an area as an additional room for your home, basement remodels are often the simplest way to increase your useable living space. There are right and wrong ways to finish a basement. Most notably is building code typically requires a window and closet for a bedroom, and a plan for emergency egress. Other considerations are for plumbing and drainage if you want to add a kitchen or bathroom.

Adding a Room

Although it might seem like a huge undertaking, in some situations adding a room is the best or the only solution if you need more space and want to remain in the same home. Although it’s a big enough project to disrupt your life to some degree while the work is happening, an experienced contractor is aware of your needs, will work around your schedule, and keep problems to a minimum. You can trust you’ll realize it was well worth it when the work is complete and you begin to enjoy the additional space.

Adding space to your home is an exciting prospect which will lead to a better environment. If you feel you can use additional space, talk to a contractor about how your home can be improved.