Finding a reliable home remodeling contractor is not always easy,

but with some research you can generally find one that is trustworthy.


Many states and cities require a contractor be licensed. You want to make certain the contractor you hire is not only licensed but bonded and insured as well. Bonded is a simple way to state the company has purchased insurance that will protect the homeowner from any legal action that would arise from say damage to theirs or others property or bodily injury resulting from an on the jobsite injury. The bond provides a certain amount of liability protection and if the contractor fails to complete a job as required or contracted, the bond can provide compensation to a property owner. Remember, if an unlicensed contractor is usually breaking the law by working without a license, there's a good chance he is also not complying with other laws including permit requirements and inspection requirements.



There are many ways to check on the reliability and reputation of a contractor in this day and age. It was not too long ago that a contractor could go door to door after a storm or other event and convince homeowners to hire them and pay them a deposit upfront only to never see that contractor again. It is easy to just log into Google, or Angie’s List or any number of websites that rate contractors based on online reviews. This is an easy situation to avoid.


Easily readable bids

If you are out to receive bids on a remodeling job, you should get at least 3 bids. Getting more bids may not be a bad thing but it can tend to make deciding on a contractor difficult as you will have that much more research to do looking into each contractor. If you are just shopping for the lowest price choosing as many contractors as you can find may help you. Make sure the bids outline the scope and costs of the project so there will be little to dispute if any when it comes time to pay.



Often overlooked but very important is can you get along with a potential contractor. When you are first introduced to a potential remodeling contractor it may be all smiles at first but how will you actually deal with each other on a day to day basis over the length of a remodel. This may not be easy to discover right off the bat so you are going to have to have a serious discussion up front about dealing with things like plan changes and cost overruns. This is where the most tension comes from during a home remodel project.   


It is a sad reality that people are more likely to shop more carefully for a car than a reliable remodeling contractor.  It is true that a remodeling project can go wrong and make your life miserable taking a few tips and steps up front can help to avoid the pitfalls and help make this process smoother.


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