Are you considering a remodeling project in the near future?

Are you tired of your old kitchen and would like to create some space and update your kitchen features? Maybe it’s just a bathroom remodel or adding a bathroom in a basement space? Perhaps it’s time to send the hubby into his dream mancave so the family doesn’t have to hear it every time the other team scores? In any case a remodeling project can meet your objectives when you choose a remodeling contractor you can work and share ideas with.


An experienced an competent hoe remodel contractor in your area can bring a lot to the table. There are going to be times when your ideas are going to be great and there are going to be times when your ideas are not going to be achievable based upon your budget. That’s where a professional contractor comes into play, to explain the realities and reign in your plans to achieve your design change goals on time and on budget.


There can be nothing worse than tearing into a home remodeling project expecting it to take weeks and it turns into months or even worse years.


If you choose a contractor that has to have things done his way there are going to be issues, potentially delays and budget overruns.


Once you decide to hire a contractor you should know how to effectively manage him, whether it's a quick home repair project or a large home renovation project or new construction.


First off you want to make sure you hire a licensed experienced contractor. You are also going to want to define your goals and expectations up front. It is very important both of you understand the timeframe scope and budget for a remodeling project. It is best to have a signed agreement or contract that outlines these basic tenants of your working relationship.


Define the payment terms this can also be outlined in the contract is there going to be a down payment to help cover some costs like materials? Will there be partial payments to incentivize completion? These should all be laid out in advance so there are no surprises.


Before the contractor starts work, have a friendly conversation about what you want them to be careful with if you have any concerns about things such as trees or plants that are important to you.


Once you have some names, meet with them, look for “chemistry” or rapport and observe their level of professionalism. Courtesy, respect, punctuality and the ability to communicate are some of the most important attributes a contractor can have next to their basic competency. No matter how good someone is, if they don’t click with you on these points, don’t hire them.


It can be a good idea to ask friends and relatives for referrals of remodeling contractors they have hired in the past. There is also a heavy emphasis on social media there may be a hidden gem out there that a friend had used that you are unaware of.


Stay local if possible a contractor that has to come from a long distance is more likely to have issues when it comes to bad weather or unforeseen traffic delays.


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