Is storage an issue in your kitchen? Many older homes don’t have the most available storage In the kitchen area. It just wasn’t a consideration back then.

In our present time storage is precious, and there are a few reasons such as recycling that take up more space. Also storage can be directly related to efficiency. If the items you need in your kitchen are easier to access it is going to create a better workflow in the kitchen area.


Let’s face it the Kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that you are going to spend a fair amount of time, having the items you use the most closest to you will make life a lot easier.


Here are some basic kitchen storage ideas that may not cost a lot to incorporate. We call this tricking out your kitchen for optimal storage.


Think upward. Vertical storage can save a lot of space without looking awkward.

Adding taller cabinets can make a lot of extra room.  It was common in older homes to leave a space from the top of cabinets to the ceiling this empty space can be wasted space, utilizing all the square footage in your kitchen for storage can make sense.


Smart Cabinets

Cabinets for Garbage and recycling can be made to slide out saving even more space. Although this may be a newer trend they are extremely helpful when used in the proper setting. This can  be a handy way to store spices with easier access to all of your jars and products.


Utilizing baskets to save countertop space

Having all types of items scattered about your countertops can look cluttered and messy. Using simple baskets can organize items and keep your countertops cleaner and less cluttered looking.


Tucked away seating

Designing a center island that has an overhang so you can tuck stools underneath can create a more streamlined look and also help to maintain a less cluttered more open look in your kitchen space.


Lighter colors

Lighter colors can also create a space that looks larger. Creating an illusion of larger space can help your kitchen space be more appealing. Some cabinets may even come with a frontal mirrored option. Mirrors also help to create the illusion of more room.


When it is time to consider a complete remodel of your kitchen space discussing all of your options with a professional remodeling contractor can help you create a ream kitchen space with the least amount of expense.


In Minneapolis Saint Paul CT Construction is known for their unique approach to kitchen design and remodeling. With over 15 years of experience designing and building custom kitchens CT Construction can help you turn your current space into a room to be proud of.


Let’s face it you are going to spend a lot of time in your kitchen you may as well have the best kitchen money can buy. Without spending a boat load of money


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