Trends in Kitchen Remodels change as often as the weather.

It seems like every year there is a new trend. In home remodeling this is the norm. One year it’s stainless Steel the next it’s bright whites. Keeping up with the fresh trends is hard but a professional home remodeling contractor should be able to keep pace.


Choosing the right design for your kitchen remodel requires creating the right combination of current and timeless for the remodeler. You want something that will look stylish now, but you also want something that will age well and not look like a trendy mistake in 5 years. Because kitchen remodels are expensive, time consuming, and exhausting, you probably do not want to even think about completing another one in the foreseeable future, so you need to get the details right, right now.


Her are a couple of trends regarding kitchen remodels that we have seen over the years. Some are timeless others may get a little dated looking. It really depends on the homeowner. Some like modern some like retro. We like to say there is no wrong to do it.


All White All Around.

This classic look is back by popular demand! This choice is timeless, elegant, and easy, taking the stress out of color selection for the remodeler. However, if you want to go crazy with color coordination, you still can! Combinations of white bright, off whites, and beiges are all the rage. We all have a tendancy to have designed our spaces with all white since the dawn of civilization, so it’s very unlikely this color scheme will go out style anytime soon. Plus, nothing is more satisfying that a pop of color on an all-white backdrop.



Quartz is the new black! Or really the new Granite. The popularity of quartz is both aesthetic and practical. Quartz offers remodelers myriad color options, and those colors stay consistent throughout the slabs, unlike many granite slabs that contain commercial dyes. Furthermore, the strength of quartz surpasses that of granite and marble. Bonus? Quality quartz costs less than high end granite. How can you go wrong?


As we mentioned before you may have different tastes than your neighbor. Discussing your options when going into a kitchen remodel project in full detail will help your remodeling contractor fully understand where you are coming from.  


Of course there are other trends as well like adding smart appliances to your kitchen so you can avoid burning that late night pizza, or storage ideas taking full advantage of wasted space, and also there is a newer trend in indoor spice and herb gardens. These are trendy because they can add fresh seasonings to your cooking and not be too invasive into your kitchen space.


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