If you’re like most people, you’ve lived in apartments and houses which you knew to be temporary situations. The living arrangements worked for what you needed at the time, but you also looked at other homes and have imagined what your dream house would be like. As you progress in life and career, you start to think more about that dream home you plan to retire in and prepare to make it become a reality.

Design and Planning

The very first step of design is to simply look at other houses to determine what you like and dislike about them. This can include looking around at friends’ houses and touring houses for sale. You can also peruse floor plans in magazines or online while considering how each would be conducive to foot traffic and how the space is divided in order to meet the needs of your lifestyle. After some time, you’ll find you keep coming back to one design, whether it works perfectly as is or may need a touch of customization to fit your needs.

The Build

Finding a contractor and mortgage broker is the next step, and then the build can begin. Beginning the actual building project can be a bit scary for most people. It’s probably the most expensive purchase you’ve ever made. There are going to be steps you don’t fully understand but have to trust your contractor to take care of. It’s going to be a stressful time, but well worth it. You’ll start to get excited toward the end of the project when the contractor begins asking you for final decisions about flooring materials, plumbing and lighting fixtures, cabinetry design and paint colors.

Moving Day

The excitement really begins upon completion when the project is finished and the contractor hands you the keys. You’ll start moving your furniture and personal items in, becoming familiar with your new home as you do. Most of your things will still be in boxes as you sleep in your new home for the first time, and you’ll start organizing your new kitchen the following morning while cooking your first breakfast. As you begin to settle in, you and your family will realize how glad you are to have taken the time to build your dream home, and you’ll really become aware of how important it is to you when your friends and extended family come over to admire it at the house warming party.