If you are considering a home remodel project there are a lot of different aspects to the job. In coming up with a home remodel plan that involves more than just some paint and changing some rugs you and your contractor are going to have to nail down a realistic timeline and game plan.

Your remodel timeline must be flexible. Certain steps have to occur in succession, or the order may change depending on the project scope, contractor availability and your schedule. Demolition, tear out, framing, plumbing, electrical, wall prep, paint, flooring, cabinet install, countertop install, decorative accents, appliances, and more can take longer than expected. If one step is postponed due to weather, illness, or damaged product, your entire timeline could be extended one or two weeks as you get new product and/or reschedule a contractor.

Planning: This is really up to you. It can take years, weeks or days. The complexity of a plan depends heavily on the scope of your project. A good way to start is by contacting your home designer to find out what to expect and where to start.

Finding a Contractor:  At Your Pace you are going to have to pick a  remodelcontractor. This should really come down to price and believe it or not, personality. You are going to have to work closely with this contractor and If you are going to be butting heads it is going to be a long and painful process.

Ordering Products and Materials: Ordering cabinets, flooring, appliances and other products early is going to be important. Allow ample time for products, especially special orders, to arrive. Also allow time for damage, returns, and changing your mind.

Remember take a typical kitchen remodel, you are going to be dealing with flooring installers, electricians, painters, plumbers, carpenters, etc. Your general contractor should be able to line all these people up and schedule the best possible time for all to complete their projects.

As we mentioned above in the materials section you have to allow time for ordering delivery possibly returns and the inevitable changing of the mind. What looked good on paper or in a magazine may not look good once it arrives on your jobsite.

Staring a home remodel project in any room of your home or even a total remodel can be intimidating. What to tackle first? How long will it all take? The answer varies, depending on the extent of your redo. Some kitchen flips need more work than others.

Experts say plan for six to 10 weeks. Note: don’t expect it to go as quickly as on those house flipping shows on TV. Your hair won’t look that perfect, either. (Remember those shows are shot over the course of weeks or months and edited into a ½ hr. or 1 hour TV format it is unrealistic to think anything can go that fast.

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