Considering a remodel of your homes bathrooms? Here are some tips to consider to make the process, flow.

Starting a bathroom remodel is scary, exciting, and nerve racking, but it is all worth it in the end! And a well thought out (but, flexible) plan will keep things moving and ensure that you are always one step ahead of the game.

Consider the Time Involved

Everything takes a little bit longer than you anticipate. If you only have One bathroom in your home you have to understand this is typically not an overnight project. Establishing a realistic timeline  is important to fully think out so that you can decide what parts of the remodeling project you can realistically DIY and what parts you should hire out.

To what extent are you going to remodel the bathroom?

Sometimes a paint job will do . In some cases you may want to go floor to ceiling and gut the room altogether. New tiling? Lighting? Fixtures? Moving walls? Cabinets? Are adding another sink? A stand alone shower? All these items have to be planned out in advance. This list will also come in handy for your bathroom remodel budget planning.

Understanding this may not be a complete DIY

(do it yourself) project. If you are familiar with electric and plumbing and carpentry and tiling etc etc. than this may be a project you can tackle yourself. If that is not the case you are going to need to line up the contractors that specialize in these areas.

Custom Materials mean special ordering.

Not everything you may want for your new bathroom may be off the shelf. It is common to order cabinets, or specialty materials like tiles. If you are going for a one of a kind look expect there to be a delay in ordering and receiving these items.

Don’t overlook the small details

Where do you want outlets? Where do you need lights? How high do you want the lights? Will you have one three-light wall sconce or two two-light sconces? One or two mirrors? Where do the light switches go? Where will towel bars hang? Cabinet hardware? Do you want a built in shower and/or bathtub shelf?

In the end remember it’s only a bathroom it’s only a bathroom.

Everything is going to be A-OK, we promise. In the end, you’re going to have a brand spankin’ new bathroom to enjoy and admire for as long as you live in your house!

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