Are you getting a sizable tax refund by from the government this year? Instead of spending it all on items like satisfy your urges in the moment -- such as fancy dinners out and vacations -- consider using some of your windfall for projects that have a lasting value. The following home impovementrs help increase the value of your home so they extend your investment for years to come. 


1. Install a deck

The addition of a deck not only adds value to your home in the event that you want to sell it later, but it also provides a welcome place for your family to enjoy itself now. Adding a dedicated space for outdoor entertainment allows you to spread out while providing the convenience for furniture and other belongings. 


2. Add an addition

Love your house but wish it had a bit more room? Consider having an addition added to your home. Whether you envision the kids having their own separate space where their toys go to live or you want a game room where the whole family can enjoy a variety of different activities, this addition makes a great selling point and provides the extra space you need. 


3. Remodel your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your house. Not only do you prepare food there, it is often a gathering place for the entire family. Chances are though, that your kitchen could use some improvements to make it really fit the way you and your family live. What about changing the cabinets? Knocking out a nearby wall to make a food pantry? Expanding it into the formal dining room next door to make it larger? The possibilities are endless and any remodeling projects involving your kitchen are sure to increase the resale value of your home. 


4.  Tweak your bathroom

The bathroom is another room that gets a lot of use. Tweaking it -- or going for a full remodel -- can not only add significant value later on when you want to sell your home, but it can also make it more functional for your family now. Consider adding more storage areas in the bathroom or making it bigger, for example. 


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